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Field Service

Our clients expect to get the highest quality of service, 24/7. Together with our team of service managers and managing assistants, our well skilled and experienced field service engineers can provide the reliable service you need, for all types of turbochargers.

Due to our global network of partners, Turbo Belgium has the possibility of sending out our engineers anywhere in the world, on short notice. Our engineers will not only take care of your problem, but they will also inform you how to get a better performance if necessary.

Our mission is to provide our customers with service and technical support that meet their needs effectively.


Blade repair

Poor quality fuel can cause immense damage to a turbocharger. Incomplete combusted particles from the diesel engine can chip pieces from the blades and often bend them. The ‘blasting’ effect of these dirt particles causes erosion while the high sulphur or water content of the fuel causes corrosion. Foreign objects passing through the nozzle ring also cause damage (pieces of broken valve, piston ring etc.). Turbo Belgium is specialized in repairing and reconditioning these blades, with as result a trustable and more economical solution for the client.

Dynamic balancing

Damaged rotor blades can cause imbalance. When the imbalance exceeds the permissible tolerance, vibrations wearing the bearing cause damage to the entire turbocharger. Extensive repairs and downtime are then unavoidable. The result is an unstable blade with an unbalanced rotor.

After reconditioning the shaft and the turbine blades, the rotor will be balanced on our state of the art Schenck test bench. Once the rotor is placed on the balancing bench, every step is carefully handled according to the instruction book values.

After analysing the visual computerized system, the imbalances on the rotor are corrected by grinding down on the correction planes. Our experienced team of technicians adds clear and professional balancing reports to the client’s service report.

When requested, the dynamic balancing can be executed together with a surveyor of Lloyd’s Register, followed by a certificate.